surveillance and protection

Surveillance and protection

Insurance companies often have to try to protect themselves against false claims not only of personal injury but also false claims of loss and theft. This can involve incidents whereby vehicles, plant equipment and other valuable assets have ‘apparently’ been stolen and vanished into thin air. We assist insurance companies in locating and recovering insured and missing assets as well as carrying out surveillance on those individuals claiming to be injured. This type of work requires constant vigilance and observation which our dedicated security team will implement tirelessly until the task is completed. Carrying out this type of role requires careful procedures and protocols to be put in place prior to action.

We also offer the protection service for the workers and employees associated with the insurance companies, as some claimants can become aggravated and offensive when their claims are rejected or missing assets are recovered from their possession. Ensuring that all staff members are safe and secure in the workplace is vital to employers and this is important in these types of cases.

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