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Whether your regular staff need additional security training in their day to day duties or a number of your employees are travelling to a potentially volatile region or area on business, we can provide the training they require. This can help keep them safe as well as ensuring that the environment and integrity of the company is always secure. Alternatively it may be the staff at your residence that need to be trained not only how to be vigilant and identify potential threats but also how to react in the case of a security incident in order to mitigate the threat.

Our experienced team will help to evaluate the day to day routines and lifestyles of the staff in question, as well as monitoring both active and perceived threats. This allows them to create tailored, specialist advice and training to the individuals, addressing any areas of weakness that may be apparent in the review. This helps to equip them with the necessary skills required to keep everyone safe from harm and minimise any risks.

We can train staff in a wide range of security and defence skills, whether they are simply protecting themselves, defending others or actively dealing with any risks or threats that may occur. Our services also extend to evasive driver training that helps you know the right actions to take in various situations that may occur whilst you are in a vehicle.

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