security reviews services

Security reviews services

Our experienced team here at Sec Tech can carry out thorough security reviews and assessments whether it is for your home or main business environment such as an office or main staff building. We can survey the property, surrounding area, regular daily activities as well as the people visiting and using the building. Whether you have existing system in place or your would like one creating, our team have a vast expanse of knowledge and will be able to fully advise you on what the best course of action is and whether you need any additional support to ensure both you and your building is safe.

We often work closely with the existing Head of Security because:

  • A fresh, outside viewpoint may well pick up on an issue that regular staff have not considered
  • It is prudent to have your security plan verified by an outside, independent body as additional insurance
  • Threats and risks change and therefore security reviews should be carried out periodically to include any developments or updates

Security reviews in independent schools

Over recent years we have carried out many detailed security reviews for independent Schools. Whilst they have all the security issues that any business or commercial building would have, they also have additional concerns such as child protection issues and in loco parentis, duty of care responsibilities. We now routinely carry out surveys at Independent Schools looking at all aspects of the School and its operation. More importantly, we fully understand that parents want their children to be educated in a pleasant learning environment, not a fortress. We therefore recommend measures that are as a light a touch as possible to mitigate any risks yet are effective in keeping the pupils, staff and visitors safe.

Please contact us for further details. References available.

security reviews for schools

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