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Here at Sec Tech UK, we understand that hiring one of our CPOs or bodyguards on a constant basis may not be the ideal solution for everyone. This is why we also offer different levels of personal security training, as well as helping to increase your Personal safety awareness. If you feel like you could be at risk but do not want to go down the route of hiring a personal bodyguard or CPO,  then we can equip you with the necessary techniques to ensure both your own and others safety. Our in depth training can prepare you for a wide range of different threats and attack types, as well as how to handle volatile situations and diffuse them in a calm and controlled manner. When dealing with dangerous or violent individuals, using the right techniques and behaviour can make all the difference on the outcome of the attack. Bear this is mind when undertaking training from our experienced team at Sec Tech UK.

We also offer evasive and defensive driver training which can greatly influence how you react to other drivers and cope with unexpected situations whilst out on the road. We prepare you for threats that may occur whilst driving and show you how to avoid or deal with them should an issue arise.

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