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Mediation support services

When you need support or back up from an external source, Sec Tech UK can provide our trained individuals to help you negotiate delicate situations. We are often called on to act as mediators when there is no progress being made in discussions between clients and other parties. This mediation can be done in the presence of the client or on their behalf and in their absence.

The removal of the client’s direct involvement often allows a much more relaxed third party position. The benefits to the client are that they can obtain a greater overall picture of any given situation. By not having direct involvement, the other party often opens up and is keen to find a resolution to the issue. Introducing an external resource helps to keep the discussions civilised and ensures that all interactions are carefully recorded and monitored. This can be extremely useful if the dispute or situation is escalated to the courts.

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Minimal hostility

In addition, any hostility towards the client will be minimal as there is no direct confrontation by the mediation staff acting on their behalf and instruction. This service alone will free up the client to conduct other business, safe in the knowledge that his instructions are being acted upon by experienced professionals. They can then report back accurately with outcomes and developments specific to the negotiations, allowing the client to make more informed decisions.

This specialist service allows you to carry on with the daily routine and activities of both your personal and professional life, without wasting valuable time on minor issues that have been dragged out unnecessarily.

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minimal hostility

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