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Asset Recovery

Banks and financial houses often call upon the services of enquiry agents such as Sec Tech UK. In the past we have found that they have loaned money to individuals, companies and organisations to buy extravagant goods such as top marque cars or luxury vehicles such as helicopters and boats.

It will occasionally be the case that monthly payments will stop or the loan will not be repaid in full. When this does happen it is of vital importance that the assets are found, retrieved and returned to the bank or lender. Failing to pay back the money that has been borrowed is effectively stealing and if it cannot be recovered, the lender is exposed. This is where Sec Tech’s asset recovery security services can help to locate and to recover the goods and have them returned to their rightful, legal owner. This is a risky task as many of the individuals that have failed to pay back in full  can become hostile at the proposition of having their luxury items confiscated in this matter. However Sec Tech UK are highly trained in how to deal with these types of volatile situation and to reduce risk for everyone involved.

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Specialist skills and knowledge

At Sec Tech UK, we are able to locate hidden goods, not just in the UK but on a worldwide scale and return them to their rightful owner. We will be able to do this using our tracing skills then employing techniques such as freezing or confiscation to obtain the items.

These asset recovery services require highly specialist skills and knowledge to make sure the right possessions are returned in good condition, in a timely fashion.

At Sec-Tech UK we are experience in the methods and techniques needed to recover missing goods no matter how far away they might be.

We can also provide other security solutions for banks and financial institutions such as fraud investigation services.

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specialist skills and knowledge

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