IT protection services

IT protection services

Sec Tech UK are one of the leading providers of security services in the UK. Our IT Protection services can provide fully encrypted IT systems with backup facilities to ensure that any data held on smart phones, memory sticks, laptops and hard drives is thoroughly protected and recoverable.

In addition to this data protection service, we can also help you with remote device resets. For example if you lose your mobile phone or it is stolen, all of the information stored on the device can be remotely deleted in order to protect your privacy and sensitive data. We can provide a replacement phone, preloaded with all your contacts, messages and photos can be delivered to you the very next day. This high level of service is also available for laptops, which can be a true relief if all of your vital company data or precious family photos are lost.

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Trained experts

Our trained experts can advise you on the precautions you can take to ensure that the daily use of your devices is done in a secure manner. It is important to consider whether the information you send and receive on your everyday devices such as your smartphone, tablet or laptop could have a negative impact on either your personal or professional life. Data in the wrong hands can easily be manipulated to harm, endanger or embarrass you and your company. If there is any doubt regarding the level of protection you currently employ, consider implementing the additional security measures advised by the experienced technical team at Sec Tech UK. Total encryption and remote deletion can control and help to eliminate any potential damage.

This service and advice is provided by former GCHQ Home Office specialists, trained to both government and military standards.

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computer forensics debugging services

Computer forensics & debugging services

In today’s society, increasing amounts of confidential data and information is kept on digital records, stored on servers and hard drives around the world. Without a strong protection service in place, the security of this data can easily be breached. Even if you have experience in creating secure networks and drives, advances in technology and new techniques are constantly being created to get around the barriers put in place.

Here at Sec Tech UK, we can offer a highly sophisticated computer and digital forensics service. This is can be used to ensure that your devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops are fully secure from cyber-attacks or hostile programs. Our specialists use state of the art equipment and software to detect spyware, malware and any other malicious or unauthorised activity on your systems.

We have extensive experience of both preserving and collecting data from a wide variety of media types. This has been carried out both in the UK and internationally. Our service is completely professional and discreet. We can work covertly and outside standard office hours if required.

Our trained teams are also able to carry out full electronic sweeps of property or premises to check for eavesdropping devices etc. This helps to ‘sanitise’ a building and make it a secure environment for electronic communications.

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