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Sec Tech UK are regarded by many Family Offices as the De Facto provider of security advice, guidance and of personal security services for their clients.

We advise Family Offices, ultra high net worth individuals and families on all matters regarding personal security and we are dedicated to keeping the Principals, their loved ones, their assets, their properties, their businesses and everything that is precious to them safe.

Established in 2006 and with a wealth of experience in the personal security industry we understand the needs of the wealthy. We provide discreet, unobtrusive yet effective security allowing our clients to go about their daily business in safety. We understand that ‘one size does not fit all’. Solutions are therefore bespoke and are delivered professionally and discreetly allowing clients to enjoy their wealth. We pride ourselves on providing intelligent, reliable, effective protection, not cold intrusion.

We also understand that not everyone needs security 24 hours a day however regular reviews are essential to ensure that security provision is adequate to meet current threats and risks. This helps to achieve an effective security plan with as light a touch as possible.

Personal security awareness training for individuals and families is becoming more popular as it enables people to be more aware of their immediate environment and any potential threats. It’s about identifying and avoiding potential threats and it’s about planning how to safely get away from threats as opposed to challenging or confronting them.

Our team is made up predominantly of ex-military with a handful of ex-police all trained to the highest possible standards and thus, we set the benchmarks within the industry. We are based in London and we operate worldwide.

If you have any security questions or concerns regarding close protection, travel security (especially relevant whilst carry out philanthropic work overseas), personal security awareness training, residential security, security chauffeuring, panic/safe rooms, event management, asset protection, IT security or anything whatsoever regarding personal security, our team will be happy to discuss your concerns in private. Confidentially is assured.

For further information please call 0207 118 1168.

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