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Sec Tech UK have an expert team who can advise you on the best biometric solutions for both you and your company. Whether it is for security reasons or if you would like to eradicate the hassle of swipe cards or employee codes, biometric security is the next level in ensuring that your information and property is always kept secure.

Biometric solutions can be used for physical security, access control as well as monitoring employee schedules and attendance. Every year businesses lose thousands of pounds due to improper time clock management. This helps to prevent any mistakes or fraudulent activity when it comes to your employees clocking in and out of their shifts.

These types of systems have a purpose in both domestic and professional environments and always give you peace of mind that only select individuals can access the area.

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Benefits of biometric technology

One of the benefits of using biometric technology in your security system is that it is much more secure than using pin codes or swipe cards, as these do not ensure restricted access. Biometric identifiers such as individual fingerprints and retinas cannot be guessed, stolen, shared or recreated, either intentionally or accidentally.

There is a wide range of options in biometric solutions, including fingerprint, palm, facial, iris and voice recognition. You can even use a combination of these identifiers to ensure that your data or property is truly secure. Prevent unauthorised use or access to your company systems.

Sec Tech UK can help and advise you on the ideal system for your situation, as well as supplying and sourcing any equipment or implementation you may require.

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benefits of biometric technology

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