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Choose luxury armoured vehicles from premier brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar, Toyota and Cadillac. Limousines, Luxury 4x4s or SUVs. These can be delivered and customised to your own personal specification and signature look to meet both your protection and luxury requirements. You will no longer need to choose between safety and comfort, as our vehicles can provide you with both elements. This is especially important on longer journeys and means you can relax within the safety of the car without compromising on your comfort levels.

You no longer need to use a menacing looking vehicle to protect you and your loved ones, as our luxury armoured cars are regular vehicles that have been subtly modified to include all the latest safety and protective features.

All vehicles carry the relevant certificates of conformity and ballistics. These vehicles are provided via a trusted third party supplier who will look after your shipping and export licences and are able to deliver worldwide.

We are also able to provide evasive and defensive driver training by former police drivers if required, as an additional precaution to ensure you are safe at all times in your vehicle. This will allow you to use your vehicle to your own advantage in risky or dangerous situations.

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