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What Is Corporate Security?

Corporate security is much, much more than simply providing a security chauffeur for the CEO, or close protection operatives for directors, senior staff, VIP visitors or at the company’s annual general meeting. Sec-Tech UK provides our corporate clients with the full spectrum of specialist security solutions to cater for every concern that any corporate organisation may potentially face, whether they are large or small, local or global.

Trusted professional advice, comprehensive threat and risk assessments and robust security solutions are the cornerstones of our services here at Sec Tech UK. These are all offered by a knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals, carried out with complete discretion and in total confidence. These factors combined have resulted in long term transparent business relationships with our corporate clients, who trust us and the expertise that we provide. They employ Sec-Tech UK because security is our specialty and it enables our clients to continue running their business in the knowledge that they can do so in a safe environment.

Sec-Tech UK delivers the following services, all of which are managed by a team of experienced security professionals.

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Threat and Risk Assessments

A professional, detailed analysis and assessment will provide a clear understanding of the threat and risks attached and the security provision that is needed.

Close Protection (CP)

Global provision with the correct resource for the circumstances and environment, from an individual security chauffeur to a full CP team.

Personal Safety Awareness Training

Vehicle and foot skills for your key personnel including their loved ones is necessary, eye opening, thought provoking and can be potentially lifesaving. Based on natural instincts and quick reactions, our self-defence and personal safety tactics can help minimise the risk of your daily life and help you to identity potential dangers.

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threat and risk assessments
evasive and defensive driver training

Evasive and Defensive Driver Training

Designed to raise your awareness, and your skill set behind the wheel to gain the advantage in the event of an incident occurring. This includes how to use the car as a safe zone, as well as implementing technical manoeuvres to increase the likelihood of a safe retreat. It’s also great fun too!

Kidnap and Ransom Policy (K&R)

All aspects of K&R management, including company procedures, senior management training, staff training and incident co-ordination and control.

This helps to prepare for the most distressing situations and how to handle them effective to ensure safe conduct for all involved.

Security Policy Documentation

The creation of documentation to mitigate risk and minimise the threat to your company, including travelling abroad into potential hostile environments.

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Residential Security

Our specialised teams can protect your property, information and assets. Whether you have a short term requirement or a long term need we can provide quality, seasoned staff to represent and protect your properties at all times. We ensure that when our clients returns, their property is exactly as they would expect it to be and everything is in order.

IT Security

Full IT system protection including encryption and secure transmission and backup systems carried out by former GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) staff to standards normally required by military or governments. With this level of training and competence to the same levels as MI5 and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), you can be sure that your network and computing systems will be thoroughly vetted for any potential confidentiality threats and risks to sensitive data.

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corporate security residential security
surveillance operatives

Surveillance Operatives

Whether you have concerns regarding shrinkage, high value asset movement, staff espionage, staff absenteeism and potential litigation we can covertly unearth the facts.

When discretion is key, Sec Tech UK can deliver the information you need undetected without interfering with everyday routines.

Event Security

Full security provision to deliver comprehensive corporate event security from close protection for your VIPs to manned guards, control access and perimeter integrity and liaison with local police.

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Best Commercial Security Available

Sec-Tech UK can provide you with the best security available commercially. The depth of knowledge, experience and professionalism of our team will ensure that should an incident occur, then its consequences will be minimal and the knock-on effect to the business and staff will cause minor disruption, if any.

The greatest compliment a corporate client ever paid to Sec-Tech UK was to say,

“I don’t know what I pay you for. Nothing ever happens!”

Our response was,


To arrange a no obligation, initial discussion with one of our senior team members please call us on 0207 118 1168. Finally, whatever your concern is, don’t worry. We’ve probably seen it before!

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best commercial security available

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