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Private Individuals

High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), business people and corporate clients place a premium on ensuring that themselves and their families, key staff members, and VIP visitors are safe. This includes when they are simply going about their business, travelling, staying in hotels or relaxing in their homes. Sec Tech UK provides close protection operatives (CPOs), security drivers or chauffeurs, personal security and safety plans. We protect their residential and commercial properties. We investigate any suspected dishonest or fraudulent activity within their businesses and we liaise with the police when required. Sec Tech UK can arrange the backup and encryption of the client’s laptops, electronic devices and smartphones so that in the event that they are lost or stolen replacements can be provided within 24 hours with the up to date data on them. This means that sensitive information and images are secure from prying eyes and backups are available for the client for their convenience.

Close Protection

If the level of threat warrants it, we can provide an individual or a team of professional close protection operatives to protect the client and their loved ones at times of heightened risk or 24/7 as required when static or travelling. These type of bodyguard roles are given to the utmost discreet, professional and confidential individuals within our team as we know that it is of paramount importance to not inhibit or interfere with the client’s everyday life and draw attention to the matter.

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Personal Safety Awareness Training

By showing people how to be more aware of their immediate environment and the potential dangers and risks, we can train them to buy that extra few seconds that will help keep them safe whether at home, on the road or travelling overseas. This training is ideal for circumstances that don’t require close protection provision but do require a level of awareness not currently present. This training can also be delivered to any children in the family in a fun and none threatening way that makes it enjoyable for all involved. Our aim is to teach this to the point that an individual subconsciously continually evaluates their immediate environment for any threat.

Evasive and Defensive Driver Training

We’ll teach you vehicle drills to keep you safe on the road and we’ll also give you evasive and defensive driver training so that you are continually assessing your immediate environment, the other road users and the road layout and surroundings as you drive, and should you identify a threat you can take the necessary action to negate it. This training just happens to be great fun too!

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security chauffeuring

Security Chauffeuring

Should you choose not to drive then we can provide you with an experienced security chauffeur to keep you safe and get you there safe and on time. With this option, you can be sure that you will reach your location in a guarded fashion and leaves you with extra time to make phone calls and deal with business and personal matters without the responsibility of driving a vehicle.

Residential Security Teams

We can install a 24/7 security team into your home and properties to ensure their safety at all times. We normally increase cover when the main client is in residence dependent upon the risk. This option ensures that you are constantly protected and never alone to face potential threat or danger alone, as our staff will always step in to eliminate risk from our clients. We ensure that when our clients returns, their property is exactly as they would expect it to be and everything is in order.

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Security Procedure Creation and Training

Just in case something does go wrong we will create a plan bespoke to the client to minimise or negate the threat and the risk. For example, we will extend the personal safety awareness training to include stress codes and escalation procedures, Anti Kidnap & Ransom training and emergency response and extraction plans. We will train everyone involved i.e. your partner, the children, the staff & employees how to react if someone uses a stress code. Every little pre-planned action increases the chances of foiling the threat and everyone coming out unharmed and unscathed. This training can also be delivered to any children in the family in a fun and none threatening way that makes it enjoyable for all involved.

Panic Rooms

We are able to discuss, specify and supply a safe, concealed environment to be used in the case of a lockdown until the police arrive. These are called panic rooms or safe rooms and are specifically designed to protect the inhabitants from outside dangers. They can be discreetly added to many households or workplaces and can be undetectable from the outside, meaning your attackers will have no clue as to your whereabouts.

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private security event management

Event Management

Whether it is a wedding, engagement, birthday or another occasion, we can ensure that the private party remains private. Uninvited guests and the paparazzi are kept well away and out of sight of other guests so there is minimal disturbance for the host. We can also provide security for potentially hostile meetings such as annual general meetings, creditors meetings etc.

Surveillance and Investigation

We can conduct private investigation and observation operations using trained and experienced surveillance experts. You may need this to confirm the integrity of part of your organisation or for those occasions when something is happening without your knowledge or consent and you need visibility.

Rapid Response

In the event that there is an incident i.e. a burglary we can provide immediate security to keep people and property safe until more permanent, robust provisions are implemented.

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IT Protection

We can arrange to have your IT systems and technological devices protected against from hacking or transmission interception. This encryption is provided by previous  GCHQ (Government Communication Headquarters) experts to ensure your landlines, smartphones, laptops and other communication devices are secure at all times. The data contained within is private and can’t be extracted if lost or stolen. In this day and age this is absolutely vital.

Armoured Vehicles

Choose luxury armoured vehicles from premier brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar, Toyota and Cadillac. Limousines, luxury 4x4s or 4×4 SUVs delivered to your signature specification to meet both your protection and luxury levels. You will no longer need to choose between safety and comfort, as our vehicles can provide you with both elements. This is especially important on longer journeys and means you can relax within the safety of the car without compromising on your comfort levels.

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