A mother whose daughter was battered to death by her ex-boyfriend has called for the return of capital punishment, saying the killer had ‘forfeited his human rights’.
16-year-old Josh Davies was today sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Rebecca Aylward, 15, and told he will serve at least 14 years in prison.
Davies had lured Rebecca, of Maesteg, near Bridgend in south Wales, into a wood and smashed her skull in with a rock the size of a rugby ball, after a friend promised him a free breakfast if he killed the girl. He then left his former girlfriend face-down in the rain wearing new clothes she had bought for their meeting.

Davies was sentenced at Swansea Crown Court today and told he will not be eligible for release until he has served 14 years in prison.

A few weeks before the murder, a friend told Davies he would ‘buy him breakfast’ if he killed Rebecca. Two days before he killed her, he texted the friend with the message: ‘Don’t say anything but you may just owe me a breakfast.’

Sonia Aylward, the victim’s mother, hit out after the sentencing hearing, and called for the death penalty for Davies. ‘The evil-doer Joshua Davies robbed us of watching our precious and perfect little girl flourish into a successful young woman. ‘We will never forgive him for tearing our world apart so brutally and I would welcome the return of capital punishment for the likes of Joshua Davies, who forfeited his human rights when he chose to take my daughter’s life.’

Earlier trial judge Justice Lloyd Jones called Davies ‘devious, calculating and controlling’ as he passed sentence. He said that he had shown no remorse.

I’ve never been an advocate of capital punishment on the principle that one mistake is one mistake too many and that if one innocent person should lose their life then that alone makes capital punishment unacceptable however this case could make me change my mind. I find it difficult to disagree with Rebecca Aylward’s mother Sonia in that Davies forfeited his human rights the day he chose to take Rebecca’s life. The judge described him as devious, calculating and controlling and commented that he had shown no signs of remorse. Uncomfortable as it is I fully see the argument that his life should be taken from him as punishment for taking Rebecca’s and as a deterrent to others who might consider such evil deeds. One thing is for certain, the thought that he might be eligible for release when he is aged 30 is an absolute outrage!