• Killer Peter Reeve was violent, paranoid and gun-obsessed
• PC Ian Dibell stepped in to help after hearing gun shots
• He is hailed as ‘hero’ by his family

Gunman Peter Reeve killed himself yesterday on his mother’s grave with the same weapon he used to murder a policeman.

The 64-year-old shot himself in the head with a revolver while sitting on his family’s plot in the graveyard of a picturesque village.

His death ended a desperate manhunt involving dozens of armed police officers following the murder of their colleague, PC Ian Dibell.

The daily Mail reported today that last night it emerged that Reeve was a violent, paranoid and gun-obsessed outcast prone to angry rants.

The retired bus mechanic, who suffered from a heart condition, was furious with the noise made by a couple living below his flat and warned friends he would soon ‘kill someone’.

It emerged he had been visiting a local gun club for more than five years.

Members of the Little Clacton Gun Club said he was known for his strident views on ‘homosexuals, blacks, bankers and unmarried mothers’.

They described him as a ‘sad and ineffective man’ who had become mentally unstable and recently threatened to kill someone.

One man said Reeve, who was not a member and did not shoot, had attempted suicide twice this year and insisted he was being followed by ‘druggies’.

Essex Police said Reeve did not hold any gun permits. Detectives insisted a ‘live murder inquiry’ would continue despite his death and said Reeve had no significant criminal past.

This whole matter raises several serious issues.

• If he was NOT a member of the gun club, why had he been allowed to visit there for over five years?
• If he did not hold any gun permits, why had he been allowed to visit ( and presumably fire at) the Little Clacton Gun Club?
• If the members described him as, a ‘sad and ineffective man’ who had become mentally unstable and recently threatened to kill someone’ did any of them think to report their concerns to the Police

Maybe if everyone hadn’t turned a blind eye to this man then PC Ian Dibell’s family and Essex Constabulary wouldn’t be mourning their loss today.

PC Dibell, may you rest in peace.