Your Everyday Personal Safety Tips

You will be aware from watching the local and national news just how often mugging and assault can happen.  You may one day find out how important it is to be armed with a few tips on self safety and protecting yourself. These few tips can lead to prevention of falling victim to crime.

When the robber wants a possession, give the possession up. You can replace a purse or a car however not a life. Just give the possession over and make sure to get a very good description of them so you can feed the information to the police. However, if it is not theft and just a violent act towards you, you need to have a plan.
Women after often the easy targets for random acts of violence due to lack of awareness, body language and can even just be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Here are a few tips for your safety:

–          First of all, if you feel or see a problem, simply try and avoid confrontation, change your route or cross the road for example.

–          Wear shoulder bags with the flap facing you and the strap over both your arm and your head. Wearing the bag across your body like this is better than wearing the bag just over your shoulder.

–          Try not to look like an easy target, try and act confident making eye contact with the aggressor may put them off if they know you can identify them.

–          Always check your car before you open the door and get in and do not leave your car unlocked for even a few minutes.

–          Never carry your Personal Identification Number (PIN) codes.

–          Don’t leave bags unattended.

–          Hide purses and wallets in an inside pocket.

–          Avoid passing stationary cars with their engines running and people sitting in them. This advice particularly applies to young people.

–          Avoid routes through dangerous areas

–          Be aware that however safe the area you are in has been in the past does not mean it is safe.

–          Try not to use your iPod or MP3 in isolated areas as it can reduce your awareness.

–          Using your mobile phone while in public in isolated areas can also lead to making yourself a vulnerable target.


Another point is, fight back. If you cannot escape from an attacker, statistics, not surprisingly show that if people fight back they will more likely get away. Like previously mentioned, women are often the easier target. If an attacker comes onto a woman, she is recommended to fight back and aim for the eyes and groin area. This will all be classed as self defence.