Instead of writing about personal security, I want to tell you about a unique social entrepreneurship project I heard about last week.

Whilst our core business is providing personal security for the wealthy, last week I had lunch with a man who told me of one of his social entrepreneurship projects and the project was nothing less than fascinating. Any social entrepreneurship project that changes lives has to be worthwhile and commended however this one was I believe truly unique. It involved getting people with Aspberger’s syndrome from being unemployed and living with their parents to becoming an IT consultant living in their own apartment.

Some people with the Aspberger’s Syndrome have unique inherent abilities that can have great value in business. Although highly intelligent, they lack social skills, but given the right training and working environment, they become excellent IT consultants. Their ability to see errors in computer software makes them highly valuable to companies who have developed their own systems that needs debugging. Thus far he told me, the project had reached 17 people with Aspberger’s Syndrome who are no longer living on benefits, seven of whom who have moved out of their rooms at their parents’ houses and now have their own apartments because of their special skills.

What particularly intrigued me about this project was that instead of concentrating on the things that people with Aspberger’s syndrome can’t do, the focus is on what they can do and furthermore what they can do better than anyone else. You may have heard of the term in business that you should ‘exploit your unfair advantage’. Far from being unemployable, their unfair advantage has not only been identified but has been exploited to the benefit of the individual as well as to the IT company.

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