Ferris Wheel at amusement park © geargodz
Ferris Wheel at amusement park © geargodz


Travelling fairs are great fun, they come once or twice a year and cause excitement amongst the locals. Whether you want to ride the teacups, get on board a waltzer, ride the bungee, play hook a duck or eat chips and candy floss there is something for everyone. Travelling fairs tend to vary in size, they can be quite small but if all of the fairs meet in one place you will find that they are rather large. No matter the size of the fair you will find that they are all capable of drawing in large crowds of people. It is therefore important that you are aware of family safety to ensure that everyone remains safe whilst out.

Children love the fair and they can often get very excited about being there. It can be quite easy to get separated from children in large crowds as they can become lost in a sea of people. For this reason it is important that you take note of this information.

  • Meeting point – when approaching the fair get your bearings and look for a meeting point.  The most obvious place is somewhere that can be seen everywhere. The big wheel is often your best bet as it is familiar and towers above other rides. Make clear to your children that should they go missing they meet you at your chosen meeting place.
  • Wandering – if you become separated from your children for just a short period of time advise your children to stay put. Wandering around can make finding them much harder as they keep changing position. Should the separation last for longer than a few minutes make your way to your meeting point.
  • Staying calm – by ensuring that your children know what to do if they are separated from you they will handle the situation much better. A child who is able to stay calm will be found quickly.
  • Hold your child’s hand – it is a good idea to hold your childs hand particularly if you have young children.  This will prevent them from wandering off and give you peace of mind.

As well as ensuring that you know how to act in the case of a separation you should also be aware of health and safety in rides. There are rules and regulations put in place for a reason and trying to cheat them is not a good idea.

  • Always read the ride rules before going on a ride
  • If there are height restrictions or weight restrictions on a ride follow them. A child that is too small for a ride could slip out from the seat so it is vital that you follow these rules.
  • It is a good idea to show you’re children the entrance and exit routes on a ride before they get on.
  • If you or a member of your family has any health conditions check with the ride operator on whether or not you should go on the ride.

Family safety at the fair is something that should be taken seriously but something that shouldn’t ruin your fun whilst out. Just be aware of the situations you are in and keep an open mind.