A very interesting thing happened to a friend of mine last week when they took ownership of their new Smartphone. I thought you might find it interesting.

As a general rule, they never allow their mobile phone to access their location unless they’re using Google Maps to help them navigate around London.

All their data and photographs were transferred to their new Smartphone and when they checked to find a photo in the Gallery they were astonished to find that ALL the photos, that’s five years worth, had been sorted into Albums, sorted by location that is. Think about that, every photo geotagged showing with pinpoint accuracy where it was taken.

I remembered a video we made several years ago informing people of the potential risks of allowing geotagging on your mobile phone but it seems it never occurred to my friend that every time they use Google Maps they effectively switch geotagging back on.

You can see the geotagging video with instructions how to turn it off by clicking on the link below.


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