While many of us know the obvious ways of keeping ourselves and our property safe, the truth of the matter is that every day our lives are full of unseen potential risks.

It’s fair to say that nobody would go out of their house and leave their windows and doors open, or hand over their PIN number and their bank account details to a complete stranger. Yet while many of us know the obvious and more fundamental ways of keeping ourselves and our property safe, the truth of the matter is that every day our lives are full potential risks which we are blissfully unaware of.
For those in the public eye or with a high profile, it’s even more important not only to be alerted to these risks but to have the proper procedures and supports in place to avoid a worst case scenario.

Think of it of as the insurance policy you never really hope to have to cash in, the right support and a plan of action which means you can go about your day to day life safe in the knowledge your security is being taken of.
Success and wealth bring with them a whole host of benefits, they also bring with them many causes for concern.

As security experts operating in this field we often see people from all walks of life and who are the spotlight leaving themselves wide open to criminal attention.
We know that many criminals these days play the long game and research their potential victim’s movements over a long period of time so they can build up a picture of where they – or their partners or children – are most vulnerable.

It may be someone intent on kidnap for ransom or other criminal intent. Whoever these people are, it’s important to keep safe.
The good news is that these situations can be dealt with. Personal security awareness training not only for Principles but also for their partners or even children so they can spot a potential threat, along with giving them some invaluable advice on how to react in the event of an incident.

Evasive and defensive driver training is not just a useful tool – it’s a great experience for those who take part and who come out at the end of it with a real skill.
Keeping your home safe is at the heart of any security plan, especially since it may be obvious when a house is empty if your whereabouts is common knowledge or easily found out. Residential security should always be a high priority – your home is your castle and it needs to remain impenetrable!

At the same time the value of a skilled and qualified close protection team is also something to be considered when moving from place to place to ensure a safe passage.

Other areas to consider is the installation of a panic room in your home or the use of armoured vehicles if the risk is significant and it makes you feel more secure.

A reputable company will conduct a thorough threat and risk security review that will document any current security provision or practice and offer sound advice, which may include physical measures for the family home, personal safety awareness training, anti-kidnap procedures, residential security, holiday travel security and a whole host of other measures.

Where applicable the advice and training proposed maybe extended to other family members as well as other trusted household staff. The review and proposals should be presented in a comprehensive security document for consideration and should be delivered discreetly and in total confidentiality.

Inviting a security provider with this level of expertise into your life and that of your loved ones is a very personal decision and most often one which becomes a long term investment in ensuring the safety of yourself and your family so it’s important that you take the time and seek wise advice to confirm that the security specialist you employ is licensed, legal and knows what they are talking about.