After days of being pelted with bricks and petrol bombs, this was payback time. Armed with crowbars and battering rams, officers from Scotland Yard carried out more than 100 dawn raids on riot suspects yesterday. Those suspected of turning parts of London into a ‘war zone’ were woken up when riot officers broke down their doors at around 7am. Huge numbers of stolen goods were recovered – it was as if the looters were getting a taste of their own medicine. About 100 suspects, looking timid and sheepish, offered little resistance as they were handcuffed and bundled into the back of police vans.

Their meek expressions were in stark contrast to those of the snarling rioters, faces covered by hoodies and scarves, who set fire to homes and businesses across the capital this week. The Met, which was criticised for failing to be robust during the violence, said it wants to put ‘fear’ into the hearts of rioters. One senior officer said: ‘We are going to come and get them, every single one of them.’

A total of 120 officers took part in the operation, the first raids against looters and troublemakers who brought terror to London. During yesterday’s co-ordinated raids, officers recovered a vast array of clothes and expensive electrical goods, including iPods and plasma TVs, which they believe were stolen during the disorder. Designer clothes worth thousands of pounds were recovered from one flat alone. A total of £1,600 in cash and £5,000 worth of property was recovered during raids in Pimlico.

One 18-year-old man screamed at officers as he was bundled into a police van in handcuffs after more than £1,000 worth of clothing was found in his flat. New Nike Air Jordan trainers, along with Hugo Boss jackets, jeans, belts and bags were taken away from his flat. Police believe the goods were stolen during the violence in Sloane Square – home to the Peter Jones department store – on Monday. Up to £1million-worth of damage was caused in that area alone.Enlarge

Superintendent Nick Sedgemore, who led yesterday’s raids in Lambeth, said the police were fighting back. He said: ‘We are going to come and get them, every single one of them, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. ‘We are not worrying about criminalising a section of society. We are not here to be liked, we are here to be respected. ‘We have had enough. We are putting a bit of fear into it. We will be harsh but fair.’

Senior officers say they will be targeting ‘thousands’ of people and more than 1,500 arrests – 1,150 in London – have been made since the unrest began on Saturday, with more than 371 charged.

Police also revealed they have identified one of the two suspects who robbed Malaysian student Ashraf Rossli as he stood dazed and injured on the street. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Kavanagh, who has led the Met’s operation, said: ‘I have a message for him: “We know who you are and we are coming for you”.’

So, it looks like the looters and anarchists are about to pay the price for their behaviour. Excellent! The sooner the better and lets no be too lenient on them! And let’s hope countrywide that the senior officer in charge follow the example of Superintendent Nick Sedgemore in his “robust” approach towards the perpetrators.