For most people fraud will be only something they see in movies or read about in the paper. However, it does happen. Any individual or corporation can be the target of fraud and usually it will not show until after the fact. At that point your first instinct will be to contact the police. Unfortunately they are not able to look into every case. If you find yourself the victim of fraud and the police are unable to help you might want to look into hiring an experienced private company.

Fraud is usually nothing like how it is portrayed in the movies. It usually doesn’t involve the entire board of directors for instance. And usually it is not the newly hired (and very good looking) intern that figures it all out. Very often fraud is committed by a single person, not working with anyone else. In fact, most of the most notorious fraudsters worked on their own. Because of this finding out who the villain in your fraud case is, is usually the first step of your problem. There is money missing, but where did it go? Often a search of this type is not possible for the person that got defrauded and will need the expertise of a team of fraud investigators.

With the coming of globalization fraud is happening across borders more and more often. If you do hire a team of investigators make sure that they are able to search beyond borders. Chances are pretty big that your money has already left the country. Having ex-police in employ is a great way for a fraud investigation company to ensure they have ties across the borders. The U.K. police are very well regarded and welcomed by police teams around the world. Very often ex-officers will find open doors through police abroad and are able to continue the search because of these. Sec Tech UK for instance had a fraud case lead all the way to Mozambique. Despite the language barrier they found themselves welcomed with open arms by the Mozambican police, who were very eager to help.

Credit card fraud is becoming more and more common. Very often the victim in these cases is an individual, not a company. In 2006 the total amount of money lost in credit card fraud was a whopping £535 million. Skimming at cash machines, cards being stolen or purchases being made without a card are some of the more common cases of credit card fraud. In many cases it might take a while for the victim to realize they have been defrauded. Because of the amount of fraud cases they get the police is only able to look into the biggest fraud cases. If getting your money back is difficult hiring a private fraud investigator might be the only solution available for you.

If you find that you have indeed been defrauded and the police is unable to help, look for a private company to help you get your money back and perhaps apprehend the culprit. Make sure the company you choose to hire has a SIA (that is Security Industry Authorization) approval. This will guarantee the quality of the company. Be sure to ask about the company’s experience with fraud and ask them about previous cases they have investigated. Make sure you feel confident about the group you are hiring as fraud can be a very delicate situation. Hire fraud investigators that have infield experience and will be able to suit your needs.