When threatened most U.K. citizens will immediately ring the police. They are the force we trust when we feel endangered. And with good cause. Our police force is trained to respond correctly to danger. They will know how to act and what to do in dangerous situations. Unfortunately they cannot respond to everything. Not every event warrants police security, even if it is an event or gathering of people or items that might attract problems.

At this point many individuals or corporations will look to hire a private security company. And there are plenty of options available. Fact of the matter is that you will want to hire someone who has a little more training than your average supermarket security guard. Being in security is more than just dressing up and looking intimidating. You will need men and women who are trained to be able to respond correctly to any situation.

To guarantee the quality of any private security company you will need to look for a Security Industry Authority (SIA) improvement. The SIA will weed out the companies that are not fit to secure anything, or even worse, will try to rob you themselves. However, even within the SIA approved contractors there are many levels of quality. What you really want to be looking for is security companies that employ ex-police.

Now, for the uninformed ex-police might sound like ‘police rejects’. Nothing could be farther from the truth however! Unlike what most people think, working for the police is not a job for life. Like any job, people leave for different reasons, ranging from moving to a different town, to finding better pay. Very often security companies recruit within the police force. Officers that have contracts that are running to a close might be approached by security companies to see if they are willing to work for them. Another occurrence is ex-police officers starting their own security company (this is the case with Sec Tech UK) when they wish to work for themselves instead of the government.

The reason private security companies look for ex-police (and ex-military) officers is the training, experience and expertise these officers will bring to the table. Police training is one of the best schools for security training out there. Even more important is the expertise and specialization these officers will bring with them. Very often police officers will be trained in one or more specific types of security, like being a bodyguard, risk assessment or show and event security. The more ex-police a security company can employ, the more area’s they will have a person specialized for. Next to that these ex-police will also have plenty of experience working in these specialized areas. These are not rookies! They will have spent their time using their skills in the police force, gaining incredibly valuable experience in the field. This is why security companies will sometime fight over a single officer looking for work.

If you are looking for high end security for a person, building or event look for two things; a SIA approval and plenty of ex-police in employ. This will guarantee that the security company will have the resources, skills and experience needed for your job. Make sure you explain your exact needs, the company might have a person in employ perfectly trained for your situation.