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The whole reasoning behind employing a bodyguard is for protection, yet 17 year old Patterson Inman made himself vulnerable to harm when poisoning ones security.


The Utah, USA based adolescent may only be a teenager, but he is no ordinary teenager. Mr. Inman is the now heir to the Lucky Strike brand, an established American Tobacconist of the cigarette that was launched in the year 1871 by founder and namesake of the accused R.A Patterson. Since the company’s emergence in the late 19th Century, it has gained global and cultural recognition from being referenced in the media glare. The chewed or smoked tobacco product has featured throughout television shows like Miami Vice and in cinema with the 2014 film Fury.


What does this mean? A global brand means immediate recognition on a mass scale, thus its image and movement is known and open to almost anyone around the world. As such, any associates of a company in the media stratosphere are immediately of increased vulnerability to losing their privacy.


As the next in line to the Doris Dukes Empire has been brought up as a child with less of a private life than the ordinary individual, he has needed more private protection. That is why bodyguard Steve Ketter came into the frame.


The 48 year old was employed and permitted to retaliate to any breaching media under Mr Inman’s mother, Daisha Inman.


Still managing to follow all this complexity? Good.


In simpler terms, Mr. Steve Ketter was hired to provide a Private Client Security Service to a co-heir of an estimated $60M (or £38.5M) net worth. As Mr. Ketter was the one put in place to distribute the security at the family’s St. Regis Hotel suite in Park City, Utah, he should have felt in control of all operations on the site and personally safe, right? Wrong.


A little known fact was that the danger was not from the outside, but sourced from within. According to James Dunn of the Daily Mail, in 2013 Patterson Inman, then aged 15, had previous knowledge of his security guards medical conditions. This is the first example of privacy being lost for the guard, as Inman most-likely accessed private documentation submitted by Mr. Ketter during the starting phase of employment with the family.


Such identification information should have been both placed in a filing or Cyber system and kept out of sight from all except the employer, Mrs. Inman. This obviously did not happen.


These highly personal details should have only been shown or conversed under the permission of either Ketter or his doctor. The medical conditions of Steve Ketter were soon the centre of conversation among the Inman residence, which included Patterson Inman’s twin sister Georgia.


It was however the twisted mind of Patterson that saw this as an opportunity. The vulnerability of his very own bodyguard became a catalyst for the planning of a single prank.


A prank of astronomical proportion and post imlications.


The New York Daily News reported that the young millionaire, whom could access his fortune when aged 21, had started to encourage Ketter to add the unusual component of Ghost Chilli Oil to the Meatloaf glaze during family mealtime. In the words of Ketter himself, Patterson Inman encouraged the addition of the ingredient for three weeks, but with no success. The security guard performed out his job in demanding that no one in the house digest the chilli for their own safety.


What makes this activity unusual? Is Ghost Chilli Oil not just a flavouring? Yes but if applied as if tomato ketchup it soon ensues into dynamite for the body.


The certified Ghost Chilli has been declared as 400 times hotter than Tabasco Sauce. To put that in context, Tabasco is a combination of sour Vinegar and Salt with the Tabasco Pepper. A rated pepper of 30,000 to 50,000 heat or mid-way on the Scoville Scale. Now multiply medium heat by 400 and it comes to be obvious how dangerous the addition of the Ghost Chilli to the Inman’s food could be.


In the words of The Daily Mail, Ketter would not listen to Patterson’s suggestions to cement his role as the only adult in the relationship, and that he envisioned such actions to be a case of potential harm to all involved.


Ketter was hired to protect, and that is what he was doing.


Unknown to his own knowledge, it was he who required safeguarding.


In a last ditch attempt Patterson encouraged adding the chilli to the meat loaf glaze. Ketter stood firm and denied any such application. In an awkward moment for the protector, his employer Daisha Inman backed her son in requesting the chilli be placed in the mix. Though against Ketters’ own principles, it was either arguing with the employer and as a result potentially losing his job or agreeing. He unfortunately chose the latter.


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Against will, Ketter sat down with the family and started to eat the meatloaf coated in extreme heat. In his own words, problems soon followed. At the table Patterson failed to insert the food thus preventing any digestion of the Ghost Chilli, whilst Mrs. Inman (of whom did place the meatloaf in her mouth) fell to the floor in a chocking fit as a result.


Sadly Ketter also ate the meal with little doubt and hesitation, and through doing such experienced ramifications that did not agree with his medical conditions. The Private Security Guard, as with the mother, came to be traumatised by aggressive coughing. This led to a bilateral hernia for the victim.


Ketter has later claimed to believe that Daisha Inman faked the trauma and had culminated with her child in planning the prank.


There is no news on the whereabouts or involvement in the prank of Georgia, if any.


This led to Ketter having to undergo surgery to treat the hernia that had torn apart the stomach lining.


Since the incident, he has fought the Inman family members in court for damages from the sadistic prank. Through the trial it has emerged that the dynasty have had a long history of violence and abuse towards staff all for purposes to ‘entertain’ and get ‘kicks’.


These claims have led onto other accounts that Patterson Inman had studied his security guards weaknesses and what would conflict them. In this case the Ghost Chilli. Inman had also tried and failed to prank fellow staff members of Ketter. Attempted pranks as severe as hiding razor blades in log piles during holidays.


The Inman trial is a definitive reminder to all bodyguards that they too need protection from others.


Thankfully this was a rare problematic case in Security Solutions. If you genuinely need help with Residential protection, why not visit our page for more information.