There are many individuals in this world who are fortunate enough to have been able to secure themselves a small fortune. Whether this be through work, status or through inheritance these people are financially sound and in a position to look after themselves and their families with ease. There are however also some unfortunate aspects associated with having money that can cause numerous problems.  Some of these include facing threats from members of the public on the streets and even in their own home.

This is where family office security services come in, a variety of security risk management services designed to keep you safe. Not only do these services protect you from potential threats but they will also keep you safe from obsessive stalkers, accidents, fires and medical emergencies. After some background research and some skilled delegation your family office security personnel will provide you with a security strategy that will keep you out of harms way whilst being unobtrusive so that you can enjoy a balanced and secure lifestyle.

In order to measure just how much security a family may need an assessment will often be carried out. Things that are assessed tend to be the types of risks you are likely to face so that a proper plan can be put in place. Other things include how much exposure you have with the public and any past security issues you may have had. Sometimes employees and other people that you come into contact with will be interviewed in order to get a true picture of your daily goings on and the security measures you need.

According to a recent survey 94% of family offices protect their investments whilst 92% protect their data and IT systems. A shocking discovery however is that whilst they protect the wealth of the family little is done to protect the family itself.  In fact only 51% of family offices protect the family members leaving the other 49% vulnerable. Businesses are becoming bigger and more globalised so even walking around your own back garden can be a risk for you or your family.

Family office security services are therefore extremely important for protecting the lives of individuals. The safety of family members should be reviewed as often as you would review an investment to ensure that the correct procedures are put in place for the family. Something that isn’t talked about so much in a family office but something that most certainly should be.