Sec Tech provide specialised security solutions for both corporate and private clients ensuring that they remain safe every single day. With a variety of different security services to choose from you can find something that meets your needs and expectations, and if you’re not sure what you need then a member of our team will be able to help.


Close Protection:


Close protection is essentially having a bodyguard to keep you safe at all times. Sec Tech however do not provide the stereotypical bodyguard, big in appearance and intimidating. More often than not bodyguards such as these are used by celebrities as props to deter the public from getting to close, and granted it works. Sec Tech however provide a professional and discreet service that allows you to get on with your daily activities without the public knowing you are protected. This not only keeps prying eyes away but also helps to make you feel at ease knowing that you are safe but not crowded. Close Protection Operatives are trained to recognise an incident before it happens, ensuring that the client can be removed from the scene before any confrontation takes place. Physical force is not expected as Sec Tech will never allow it to get to that point.


Safe/Panic Rooms:


Safe/panic rooms are rooms specifically built for people to take cover in when their life is threatened.  The rooms can be built at work or in your own home depending on your preferences. Typically used as a last resort of protection should other security measures fail around you. The panic room can be as basic or as advanced as you choose depending on what you are looking for. The basic design tends to consist of a small room with reinforced walls, windows and doors. You can however opt for a mini fortress which is usually large in size with living quarters, bedrooms, wash facilities and even a kitchen. These types of rooms are designed to protect you from various threats including nuclear and biological attacks.


Family Offices:


Family offices are private companies that support the organisation and maintenance of a family’s wealth. Sec Tech are able to provide a number of these services including administrative management, wealth transfer, tax services, family meetings, holidays and much more. The family office is all about looking out for the family members of a business, ensuring that their interests are looked out for as well as the interests of the company.


Sec tech also provide a range of other security services including armoured vehicles, asset protection, corporate security, risk assessment, residential security, personal security training, asset recovery, staff security training, mediation services, security chauffeur, It Protection, Fraud Investigation, Hostile Situations, Staff Vetting,  Computer forensics, Staff surveillance, Security Reviews and Biometric solutions.