If you carry a bag round with you it is important to make sure that you take the proper precautionary steps to keep it safe. Bag snatchers typically take bags from people in crowded places and naturally this increases in the summer when people are getting out and about. By following the steps below you can massively reduce the chances of having your bag taken from you, something that is both traumatic and personal.

Leave your bag at home:

The most obvious solution to preventing your bag from being snatched is to leave it at home. Carrying only essential items such as ID, money and keys in your pockets. If however it isn’t convenient for you to carry only these items or you are short on pockets consider using the likes of a bum bag. These wrap around the waist and make it difficult for people to take them. Likewise backpacks worn over two shoulders are difficult to remove.

Don’t overdo it:

It can be easy to get carried away when going out and more often than not we end up taking with us more than we need. Ensure that when going out you don’t take more money or more cards than you need for what you have in mind. One card should be enough when out shopping and the customer service number for it should be kept on you at all times. This is essential should you find your card taken from you for cancelling it right away.

Stay in well-lit areas:

Bag snatches not only attack in crowded areas but in dark and isolated areas too. It is easier for the perpetrator to get away without being seen by further witnesses when striking in the dark so remember to stay on well-lit footpaths. This is particularly important when walking alone to ensure your own personal safety too.

Keep your bag close:

If choosing to go out and about with a bag make sure that you keep it close to you at all times. Holding it tightly in your hands and clutching tight to your body will make it difficult for others to take it from you. You may want to consider concealing the bag beneath your coat and making sure that the strap is secured properly across your body. Avoid wearing your bag on one shoulder as this is the easiest way to take a bag from somebody.

Safety over bag:

If you find yourself becoming the unfortunate victim of a bag snatcher remember that your life is more important. Never fight to get your bag back as this could cause a confrontation to take place and result in you becoming injured. Report your bag stolen immediately after the incident has taken place.