Personal security is vital when out and about for preventing dangerous situations from occurring. It is particularly important for individuals of a high net worth or for those in the public eye. A number of services are available to assist those who may be in danger based on their status including celebrity close protection services, residential security and panic room installation. One thing for certain is that without it kidnappings and ransom threats can be made. One unfortunate lady to be subject to such an ordeal was Jacqueline Veyrac, a millionaire businesswoman and the president of Cannes’ five star Grand Hotel.

Kidnapped near her home in the south of France, she was dragged from her car on the streets of Nice. The 76 year old is said to have been dragged from her SUV by two men before being bundled into the boot of their own vehicle. One eyewitness said that she had seen Ms Veyrac’s face pushed into a piece of cloth before being put into the boot.

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Naturally there was concern for Ms Veyrac not only for her disappearance but also how she would cope. At 76 years of age being kidnapped in such conditions could have a serious effect on a person.

This was not the first time she had been targeted either. Ironically she was subject to a failed abduction from the exact same spot just three years ago. In 2013 two men had tried to take her from outside her garage but the plan was stumped when a female neighbour saw what was going on. She began to scream at the kidnappers causing them to abandon their ploy. Police were unable to identify who was involved in the attempted kidnapping or what their reasoning behind it was.

The most recent kidnapping however was part of an organised crime whereby the kidnappers sent a ransom note to Ms Veyrac’s family for several million euros. Two days after the kidnapping though a local resident came across a van that he suspected to have fake number plates. After calling the police who investigated the van they found Ms Veyrac tied up in the back of it but otherwise unharmed.

Those involved in the kidnapping never received their ransom and now face charges for kidnapping. There were six individuals arrested in relation to the plan, all of which are now waiting to hear their fate.