Fingerprint Scanning Technology Concept Illustration © artnovielysa
Fingerprint Scanning Technology Concept Illustration © artnovielysa

Computer forensics involves analysing and investigating the contents and activity of a computer. This is most often carried out for legal proceedings if it is suspected that the device has been used for illegal activities. The process involves making a digital copy of the devices storage before locking the original some place safe. Any investigations carried out are done so on the digital copy to avoid any accidental contamination of the device. A variety of techniques are used to examine the copy to ensure that copy, hidden folders and unallocated disk space is checked for deleted, encrypted or damaged files.

Whist investigating the contents of the device any information located that is considered as evidence is documented into a findings report. It then has to be verified with the original ensuring that it is ready to be used in court.

Computer forensics is considered to be a difficult and skilled job that requires a great level of expertise. In order to complete such a task you must have a qualification in the subject and be certified to carry the work out. Computer forensics is an extremely important subject in today’s society with so many people using technology on a daily basis. The increase in technology puts us in a society where so much can be done and accessed online.  As a result there has also been a significant rise in online crime and therefore a need for it to be investigated accordingly.

It is extremely important to ensure that when you are using the internet or working on computers and smart phones that you take the precautionary measures to protect yourself. There are unfortunately a significant number of people who try very hard to get hold of others personal information in an attempt to commit identity fraud. This can be achieved through various means including phishing (where spam emails are sent requesting personal information) or through infecting your computer with a virus.

It is computer forensics that can help to catch the people who commit such crimes however it is within your best nature to try and prevent it from happening to begin with. Ensure that you have the correct security setting installed on all of your devices and that you update them regularly.  Should you want extra protection for your computer you can get help from professionals. This is particularly good for those who handle sensitive documents that need to be kept safe.